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I am Sarah Heppner, a fine artist in Worcester. I specialise in still life painting, particularly flowers, glass and shells. My paintings bring together objects that do not appear to have a purpose in their setting, and present a visual challenge to the viewer, while being unobtrusive enough to bring joyful colour and life to any room. My art has been shown at various exhibitions across the region, has sold to collectors in the UK and overseas, and has been highly commended by the RBSA.


A different approach to still life painting....

While most still life painters use oil paints or watercolours, my technique is to paint acrylic onto high quality canvas, and to build it up in fine layers. This gives it an appearance similar to an oil painting, but allows for greater precision and it has a much faster drying time. Acrylic paint can hold vibrant luminous colours which remain true and enable me to create long-lasting, beautiful compositions suitable for any home.





Glass Marble composition by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester



A selection of still life compositions, with a variety of different elements brought together in challenging and aesthetically pleasing configurations.

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Still life flowers by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester



Paintings of flowers by themselves, to a fine level of detail and realism. These works are intended to pick out the beautiful patterns, colours and textures inherent in some flowers.

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Shells are particularly good subjects for still life paintings. I enjoy depicting their elaborate shapes and subtle patterns.

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I have compiled a selection of my favourite fine art pieces that I have sold, to stand as a portfolio and testimony to my body of work.

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Commissions for a fine artist in Worcester

While I specialise in still life, I am happy to undertake commissions for almost any fine art composition you can think of. If you have an idea for a painting that you'd like to see brought into life, contact me by email and we can discuss your idea and arrange a price. Alternatively, check through my gallery, and find a painting that catches your eye.

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