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Abstract composition artwork by by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester



I enjoy the absurd and surreal, and sometimes it comes through when I am throwing together the different forms, textures, colours and contours of things from my collection boxes. Juxtaposing these bodies creates tension between them, their exact positioning is important and seeing the shadows and highlights appear is what makes composing an exciting part of creating a painting.

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Flowers Fine Art by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester



These are my favourite subjects for still life painting. The wide variety colours, textures and patterns makes for some fascinating artistic challenges, replicating these in acrylic on canvas. These accurate and realistic paintings are especially popular with horticultural enthusiasts. They make beautiful aesthetic pieces in their own right, particularly in sets of three or four.

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Shell and paper compositions by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester



The natural geometry of these shells make for a beautiful subject matter in still life. Every shell is unique, with its own pattern, texture, and structure. Each shell is depicted in meticulous detail, using thin layers of fine acrylic paintwork, to build up a shape and make each shell appear as if it could be picked up from the canvas.

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Glass Composition by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester


Archive of sold work

I have compiled a selection of my favourite fine art pieces that I have sold, to stand as a portfolio and testimony to my body of work. If you are looking to commission a piece of still life fine art, I highly recommend this page as a place to browse for inspiration.

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Why I find acrylics work best as a still life painter

Acrylic paints are very stable and the colours stay true from wet to dry. I keep the paint thin throughout most of the process because thin layers of paint have more luminosity and acrylics lend themselves to a layering technique very well because of their quick drying time.

I like fine lines, sharp edges and fading one colour into another, which is very achievable with acrylic paint. It also has amazing lightfastness and will hold up to most indoor environmental conditions without any problems.

Acrylic paint is often thought of as being less worthy than oil paint, perhaps because it is less cumbersome to use and has a short history (so far). However, for a still life painter I think its ease of use is a great advantage, because acrylics are so stable and simple to use with just a brush and water.




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