Flowers in a Vase by Sarah Heppner, Fine Artist in Worcester



Sarah Heppner
Fine Art

I come from a creative background, my dad is an abstract artist who taught textile design, and he has been a sculptor and painter. My mum used to make her own clothes. I grew up with art all around me, drawing and making models out of clay with my sisters, and my dad kept his loom in the living room. After I tried all sorts of creative materials and techniques at college I started using paints for the first time and never looked back.

My degree in Art & Aesthetics brought me into contact with many types of art practice, I learned why I wanted to paint and what I was trying to be as an artist. I then began to teach myself the technical skills I needed to paint like the artists I so admired. A few of my favourite artists include: my dad, Cezanne, Georgia O'Keeffe, Vermeer, Durer, Graham Sutherland, Magritte, Dali, Euan Uglo and David Tindle.




Artist Bio

During my career I have brought up three children, lived in Cardiff, London, Reading, Swansea and Worcester and have been employed in various part time jobs including being a pharmacy dispenser and a self-employed painter and decorator. I began painting full time in 2018, and I now work as a fine artist in Worcester.

1995-1998 Cardiff University, Art & Aesthetics Degree BA 2:1

1998-2000 Commission - two portraits

1999 Workshops at various secondary schools in London teaching Still Life Painting

2001-2005 Exhibition - Jelly Legged Chicken Gallery in Reading

2005-2008 Exhibition - Blue Duck Gallery in Caversham

2006 Solo Exhibition - Blue Duck Gallery

2007 Workshop at Caversham Primary School teaching Still Life Painting

2008 Exhibition with artists collective in Reading

2009 Commission - to create artwork for new buildings by Katesgrove Children's Centre in Reading, developing art with local community through workshops and completion of various solo pieces

2010 – 2013 Sales to private collectors

2013 Award - Highly Commended at RBSA for two paintings in Open Exhibition

2015 Commission and Workshops for Northwick Manor Primary School in Worcester

2018 Exhibition - Contemporary Art Fairs in Windsor

2018 Established Sarah Heppner Fine Art

2019 Sales to private collectors

2019 Exhibition - Chester Art Fair CAF19 at Chester Racecourse

2020 Exhibition - Bath Art Fair

2020 –2021 Sales to Private Collectors

2021 Exhibition - Contemporary Art Fairs at Sandown Racecourse

2022 Exhibition - Bath Art Fair

2022 Exhibition - Yew Trees in Worcester

2022 Exhibition - Contemporary Art Fairs in Newbury

2022 Exhibition - FRESH Art Fair Cheltenham (Punchbowl Gallery)

2022 Commisions for private buyers Cheltenham and Cotswolds

2022 Exhibition - Contemporary Art Fairs Harrogate

2022 Exhibition - Contemporary Art Fairs Windsor

2023 Exhibition - Bath Art Fair








I find inspiration in many places, sometimes when light falls on an ordinary looking object it comes to life, or by playing around with similar or different elements, in unusual configurations or poses, I can get inspiration flowing.

I enjoy the absurd and surreal, and sometimes it comes through when I am throwing together the different forms, textures, colours and contours of things from my collection boxes. Juxtaposing these bodies creates tension between them, their exact positioning is important and seeing the shadows and highlights appear is what makes composing an exciting part of creating a painting.






My fine art studio

Currently I work in the attic of my home, which has a Velux window and a sloping roof. I have installed an LED panel light above my easel to simulate really bright daylight, which makes it easy to see what I'm doing on the canvas. To control the direction of light when painting I use corner boxes, which makes it easier to create an exciting composition. I then put my still life arrangement onto an adapted tripod, which means I can turn it left to right and move the eye level up and down without disturbing the set-up, allowing me to paint accurate and detailed still life paintings.




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